Sam Elliott Revealed Major Issues He Had with 1976 Film: ‘I Never Worked for Paramount Again’

It was one of his motion picture films, but Sam Elliott admits he had some issues with the 1976 drama movie Lifeguard.

According to its synopsis on IMDb, the film follows Rick (Sam Elliott) who is in his 30’s, is working full-time as a lifeguard on the beaches of Los Angeles. The job is great for him and he loves every minute of it.

But when he reunites with his recently divorced high school girlfriend and meets her five-year-old son, he considers making a switch to a more “serious” job.

Anne Archer, Stephen Young, Parker Stevenson, and Kathleen Quinlan starred alongside the film with Sam Elliott. It currently holds a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfortunately for Sam Elliott, the film is still one of his least favorite film projects. During a 2017 interview with Business Insider, Sam reflects on the time he stated he kind of f—ed himself out of a career on that level from being too hong and too opinionated.



“There’s a third quotation to that scenario,” Sam Elliott explains. “It’s ‘honest, opinionated, and not very smart.’ All at the same time.” Sam then reveals that during past interviews he said Lifeguard was nothing like he expected it to be. “Based on the marketing, and we would go into this long discussion about the f—ing marketing,” he recalls. “It was never positive. So in the end, I never worked for Paramount again.”

Sam Elliott further notes that he wasn’t bitter, but irked about it. “It wasn’t personal to anybody,” he says.

Sam Elliott Talks A Star Is Born Co-star Bradley Cooper
Also in the interview, Sam Elliott discusses his experience with Bradley Cooper as a director. Cooper notably directed the 2018 film A Star Is Born which Elliott starred in as Bobby Maine, who plays the older half-brother and manager of Cooper’s character, Jackson “Jack” Maine.

“Bradley is more than capable as a director,” Elliott proclaims. “I think he’s a great director. I don’t know how he does it.”

Sam explains that he actually went on set while not working just to watch him direct.

“He covers it all and boy the pressure is on him and he’s delivering this amazing performance in which he’s singing and playing guitar.” Elliott also refers to Bradley Cooper as super intelligent and who has an incredible work ethic. “He just wants it to be real, that’s what he’s striving for, some kind of honesty. And he’s pulling it off.”

Sam Elliott also spoke about Lady Gaga.

“Stefani [Lady Gaga] is equally incredible. She’s going to surprise a lot of people with her acting ability. It’s an amazing experience to be with them both.”

Sam Elliott received various nominations from A Star Is Born. This includes Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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